Perform a voluntary exit

⚠️ Voluntary exits are irreversible. You won't be able to validate again with the same key. And you won't be able to withdraw your stake until the Eth1 and Eth2 merge. Note that voluntary exits won't be processed if the chain isn't finalising.

To perform a voluntary exit, make sure your beacon node is running with the --rpcoption enabled (e.g. ./ --rpc), then run:


build/nimbus_beacon_node deposits exit \ 
 --validator=<VALIDATOR_PUBLIC_KEY> \ 


build/nimbus_beacon_node deposits exit \ 
 --validator=<VALIDATOR_PUBLIC_KEY> \

Note: Make sure your <VALIDATOR_PUBLIC_KEY> is prefixed with 0x. In other words the public key should look like 0x95e3...

rest-url parameter

As of v1.7.0 the deposits exit command can accept a --rest-url parameter. This means you can issue exits with any REST API compatible beacon node