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Build from source

Building Nimbus from source ensures that all hardware-specific optimizations are turned on. The build process itself is simple and fully automated, but may take a few minutes.


Nimbus is written in the Nim programming language. The correct version will automatically be downloaded as part of the build process!


Make sure you have all needed build prerequisites.

Building the node

1. Clone the nimbus-eth2 repository

git clone
cd nimbus-eth2

2. Run the beacon node build process

To build the Nimbus beacon node and its dependencies, run:

make -j4 nimbus_beacon_node


Omit -j4 on systems with 4GB of memory or less.

This step can take several minutes. After it has finished, you can check if the installation was successful by running:

build/nimbus_beacon_node --help

If you see the command-line options, your installation was successful! Otherwise, don't hesitate to reach out to us in the #helpdesk channel of our discord.

Keeping Nimbus updated

When you decide to upgrade Nimbus to a newer version, make sure to follow the keeping updated guide.