Follow these steps to contribute to this book!

We use an utility tool called mdBook to create online books from Markdown files.

Before You Start

  1. Install mdBook from here.
  2. Clone the repository by git clone
  3. Go to where the Markdown files are located by cd docs/the_nimbus_book/.

Real-Time Update and Preview Changes

  1. Run mdbook serve in the terminal.
  2. Preview the book at http://localhost:3000.

Build and Deploy

The first step is to submit a pull request to the unstable branch. Then, after it is merged, do the following under our main repository:

  1. cd nimbus-eth2
  2. git checkout unstable
  3. git pull
  4. make update (This is to update the submodules to the latest version)
  5. make publish-book


If you see file conflicts in the pull request, this may due to that you have created your new branch from an old version of the unstable branch. Update your new branch using the following commands:

git checkout unstable
git pull
make update
git checkout readme
git merge unstable
# use something like "git mergetool" to resolve conflicts, then read the instructions for completing the merge (usually just a `git commit`)
# check the output of "git diff unstable"

Thank you so much for your help to the decentralized and open source community. :)