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System requirements

The recommended system requirements for running the Nimbus beacon node are:

What Recommended
Operating system Linux 64-bit, Windows 64-bit, macOS 11+
Memory 4GB (running) or 8GB (building)
Disk space 200GB
Network Reliable broadband


While the consensus client will work with a classic, spinning, hard disks, if you plan to run an execution client make sure you use an SSD, either SATA or NVMe.

Execution client

In addition to the beacon node, you will need to run an execution client. Check the documentation of the client of choice and add them to the above requirements.

Broadly, to run both an execution and a consensus client on the same machine, we recommend a 2 TB SSD and 16 GB RAM.

Minimal requirements

Nimbus has been optimized to also run well on hardware significantly less powerful than the recommended system requirements — the more validators you run on the same node, the more hardware resources and network bandwidth will it will use.