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The Nimbus Guide

Nimbus is a client for the Ethereum network that is lightweight, secure and easy to use.

Its efficiency and low resource consumption allows it to perform well on all kinds of systems: ranging from Raspberry Pi and mobile devices — where it contributes to low power consumption and security — to powerful servers where it leaves resources free to perform other tasks, such as running an execution node.

This book describes the consensus layer client, nimbus-eth2. An execution client, nimbus-eth1, is also under development.

Feature highlights

Design goals

One of our most important design goals is an application architecture that makes it simple to embed Nimbus into other software.

Another goal is to minimize reliance on third-party software.

A third one is for the application binary to be as lightweight as possible in terms of resources used.

Integration with Status

As part of our first design goal, our primary objective here is for Nimbus to be tightly integrated into the Status messaging app.

Our dream is for you to be able to run and monitor your validator straight from Status desktop.

Book contents

You can read this book from start to finish, or you might want to read just specific topics you're interested in:

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This documentation assumes Nimbus is in its ideal state. The project is still under active development. Please submit a Github issue if you come across a problem.