Set up a systemd service

This page will take you through how to set up a systemd service for your beacon node.

Systemd is used in order to have a command or program run when your device boots (i.e. add it as a service). Once this is done, you can start/stop enable/disable from the linux prompt.

systemd is a service manager designed specifically for Linux. There is no port to Mac OS. You can get more information from or

1. Create a systemd service

⚠️ The HTTP server used for obtaining metrics is considered insecure. If you wish to run the service with metrics enabled, you'll need to compile the beacon node with the insecure flag enabled — make NIMFLAGS="-d:insecure" nimbus_beacon_node — and replace --metrics:off with --metrics:on in the service file below. See here for more on metrics.

Create a systemd service unit file -- nbc.service -- and save it in /etc/systemd/system/.

Description=Nimbus beacon node

ExecStart=<BASE-DIRECTORY>/build/nimbus_beacon_node \
  --non-interactive \
  --network=pyrmont \
  --data-dir=build/data/shared_pyrmont_0 \
  --web3-url=<WEB3-URL> \
  --rpc:on \



<BASE-DIRECTORY> with the location of the repository in which you performed the git clone command in step 1.

<USERNAME> with the username of the system user responsible for running the launched processes.

<WEB3-URL> with the WebSocket JSON-RPC URL that you are planning to use.

2. Notify systemd of the newly added service

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

3. Start the service

sudo systemctl enable nbc --now