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Keymanager API

The standardized Keymanager API can be used to add, remove, or migrate validators on the fly while the beacon node is running.


By default, we disable the Keymanager API. To enable it, start the beacon node with the --keymanager option enabled:

./ --keymanager

Once the node is running, you'll be able to access the API from http://localhost:5052/.

Authorization: Bearer scheme

All requests must be authorized through the Authorization: Bearer scheme with a token matching the contents of a file provided at the start of the node through the --keymanager-token-file parameter.

Enabling connections from outside machines

By default, only connections from the same machine are entertained. If you wish to change this you can configure the port and listening address with the --keymanager-port and --keymanager-address options respectively.


The Keymanager API port should only be exposed through a secure channel (e.g. HTTPS, an SSH tunnel, a VPN, etc.)


The specification is documented here. The README is also extremely useful and is documented here.