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Mainnet checklist

Latest software

Please check that you are running the latest stable Nimbus software release.


In order to stay on top of new releases you should subscribe to our mailing list.

More than 15 peers

Please check that your node has at least 15 peers. To monitor your peer count, pay attention to the Slot start messages in your logs. See the networking page for more tips.

Validator attached

Please check that your validator is attached to your node.


We recommend setting up a systemd service with an autorestart on boot. Should you experience an unexpected power outage, this will ensure your validator restarts correctly.

Systemd will also ensure your validator keeps running when you exit your ssh session (Ctrl-C) and/or switch off your laptop.

Ethereum Foundation's Checklist

As a final check, we recommend you also go through the EF'S staker checklist.