The merge

The Ethereum network is preparing for a major upgrade to merge the beacon chain with the existing proof-of-work execution network, thus transitioning to proof-of-stake. To read more about the merge, see

Preparing for the merge

The merge is in its final phase of testing on testnets and is expected to happen later during the year.

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As the merge draws near, we will continue to update this page with the latest information and instructions.

Keep Nimbus up to date

Leading up to the merge, it is important to keep Nimbus up to date. Before the merge, the exact version of Nimbus required to participate will be announced, but stakers should be prepared to upgrade their nodes on short notice.

Run an execution client

As a node operator, you will need to run both an execution client and a consensus client after the merge. If you were previously using a third-party web3 provider (such as Infura or Pocket), you will need to set up an execution client.

Prepare a suggested fee recipient

After the merge, validators that propose blocks are eligible to recieve transaction fees - read more about fee recipients here.