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Start validating

Once your keys have been imported, it is time to configure a fee recipient and restart the beacon node to start validating.


1. Choose a fee recipient

The fee recipient is an Ethereum address that receives transaction fees from the blocks that your validators produce. You can set up a separate address or reuse the address from which you funded your deposits.

2. (Re)start the node

Press Ctrl-c to stop the beacon node if it's running, then use the same command as before to run it again, this time adding the --suggested-fee-recipient option in addition to --web3-url:

./ --web3-url= --suggested-fee-recipient=0x...
./ --web3-url= --suggested-fee-recipient=0x...

3. Check the logs

Your beacon node will launch and connect your validator to the beacon chain network. To check that keys were imported correctly, look for Local validator attached in the logs:

INF 2020-11-18 11:20:00.181+01:00 Launching beacon node
NOT 2020-11-18 11:20:02.091+01:00 Local validator attached

Congratulations! Your node is now ready to perform validator duties. Depending on when the deposit was made, it may take a while before the first attestation is sent — this is normal.