Network stats and monitoring

⚠️ This page concerns the Pyrmont testnet. eth2stats is a debugging / developer tool that's suitable for testnets. For privacy reasons, we do not recommend using it for mainnet. For a mainnet alternative, see this guide.

eth2stats is a network monitoring suite for your beacon node + validator client.

It consists of a command-line-interface (to help you query your node's API), and an associated website (which allows you to monitor your node from anywhere).

In this guide we'll take you through how to get eth2stats running on your local machine, and how to hook your node up to the website.


Knowledge of both git and command line basics, and a working Golang environment.


1. Clone the eth2stats repository

git clone

2. Move into the repository

cd eth2stats-client

3. Build the executable

make build

4. Add your node

Go to

1. Click on add node

2. Configure name and client type

3. Copy the command

Click on Compile from source and copy the command at the bottom.

5. Build and run your node with metrics enabled

From your nimbus-eth2 repository, run:

make nimbus_beacon_node

Followed by:

./ --metrics

6. Run eth2stats

From your eth2stats-client repository, run the command you copied in step 4.3:

./eth2stats-client run \
--eth2stats.node-name="roger" \
--data.folder ~/.eth2stats/data \
--eth2stats.addr="" --eth2stats.tls=false \
--beacon.type="nimbus" \
--beacon.addr="http://localhost:9190" \

Your node should now be displayed on :)